Bbite provide a portfolio of business intelligence research services that help organisations gain insight into opportunities in new and existing markets being formed by change in business conditions. By understanding those changes Bbite delivers information that allows you to more coherently direct your organisation toward the most relevant opportunities . We coach our clients to make informed strategic and tactical decisions on deployment of scarce resources with reduced risk and better return.

Once implemented, Bbite’s unique running scorecard allows you to benchmark business performance progress.

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We dissect your description of the market segment for analysis coupled to your problem or opportunity statement and research each major descriptor.

We do this by interview, customer visit, press, company statements, web analysis, social networking and combinations.

We give you an independent external view of your organisation that is impossible to get from within. From that perspective we deliver proposals for change and implementation plans that enable you to be more successful. We can holistically assess voice of the customer, voice of the employee and your business leadership processes as one, so identifying the fastest route to efficiency gains for your organisation or sub-department.

We do this through these steps:

  • Working with you to clearly define the problems you are facing
  • Measuring and visually mapping how the business leadership or process is performing now
  • Analysing that data
  • Making proposals for Improving
  • Recommending methods for consolidating those improvements
  • Offering techniques to identify and achieve the next level of improvement

We coach to deliver the benefits of continuous improvement while increasing employee morale and customer loyalty.

If you’ve made an improvement, we’ll help you improve it further. We enable you to more effectively convert business opportunities.

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